My Hitty

My HittyMy Hitty

In the beginning...

... or the story goes, two women in New York, at the start of the 1920s, came across a small, peg-jointed, wooden doll in an antiques shop.  Inquiring as to her lineage, the shop keeper told the women that she was probably created in the early 1800s.

At 6-1/4 inches tall, Hitty was a small, but strong little doll.  The women pooled their resources and bought Hitty.  One of the women was Rachel Field and she wrote the Newberry Award-winning book, "Hitty: Her First Hundred Years" published in 1929.  Rachel's friend, Dorothy Lathrop, illustrated the book.

Today, the original Hitty resides in comfort at the Stockbridge Library Museum, in Massachusetts.

Perhaps Hitty is penning the adventures of her second hundred years!